Sport Migrant Integration Platform

Sport Migrant Integration Platform

Meeting of the Council of Europe @EPAS_APES Platform in Paris. 27 Nov. 2018.

Making sport inclusive across Europe!

EPAS provides a platform for intergovernmental sports cooperation between the public authorities of its member states. A key part of this work is facilitating dialogue between public authorities, sports federations, and NGOs.

In light of the challenges facing Europe in successfully integrating migrants and refugees into local communities, EPAS has been bringing together stakeholders from the International, state, and local levels from across Europe to discuss how to use the positive values of sport as a tool to cultivate tolerance and social inclusion.

As part of these efforts, EPAS launched a platform for migrant integration via sport. The platform facilitates the sharing of expertise. Its aims are:

to provide its users with useful and practical information;

  • to enhance the visibility of projects;
  • to promote the work being carried out across Europe;
  • to demonstrate the potential of sport and how it can be used in wider integration

The Sport Migrant Integration Network also forms a part of the Council of Europe Action Plan on Protecting Refugee and Migrant Children in Europe, promoting integration opportunities for children, and enhancing their social inclusion.

Peace Ball Project

John Dorber, Migration Consultant, EPAS

Meeting of the Sports Integration Platform

This meeting of the Sport Migrant Integration Platform is designed to bring together Project managers of sport integration projects in order to address various aspects of the issues raised above through sharing information about the respective projects with other participants. It will seek to gather information about challenges and obstacles to the projects, and migrants’ participation in projects in order to highlight commonalities.

The first-afternoon session will address the challenges frequently raised by sport integration projects regarding accessing grants and funding. A workshop will allow participants to discuss issues they have faced in this respect, and look at methods for identifying funding, and improving grant writing skills.

The closing sessions of the meeting will discuss plans for EPAS to conduct a study about facilitating the inclusion of refugees and migrants and sports activities. The feedback from participants will provide one of the bases upon which the study is formulated. The objective of the study is to provide a tool that can be used in inter-governmental discussions on integration and inclusion activities for refugees and migrants. The final session will provide an opportunity to discuss potential follow-up measures and share proposals for future action.

  • Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport
  • Sports, Migrants, and Inclusion
  • Meeting of the Sport Migrant Integration Platform

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Council of Europe Office  Paris, France

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